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Current advertising material trends

The slightly different advent calendar

For the Advent season with exciting handicraft fun and advertising with years of effect. You will receive a total of 43 components in sequence, so that you can build a small house model, stone by stone, day after day during the Advent season. The components are made of sustainable, high-quality ABS.

Also available as a kit and as LKW

The special drinking straw

Sustainable drinking straws made of metal and glass are good for our seas, the turtles and other sea creatures. 

This variant is particularly practical - in contrast to conventional, reusable drinking straws, you can snap them off.

By using flexible stainless steel, its mouthpiece can be easily bent and replaces the plastic straw in terms of function and feel.

Available in different lengths and in the colors silver, gold and rainbow


The advent calendar in app format is filled with 24 melt-in-the-mouth Lindt Lindor mini balls in the flavors milk, dark and white chocolate. The packaging is made entirely of FSC®-certified paper and climate-neutral.

100% COOL

true biotic

created by nature for nature




Made from plastic-free, bio-based and biodegradable biopolymers (PHA) 



from organic bio raw materials

allroundo -

the all-in-one charging cable

You are always on the right track with this all-in-one charging and data cable. 

6 different connections - therefore suitable for all mobile devices.

Quick charge function, 75 cm spiral cable. Available in 4 colors  - Packed in a compact housing, perfect for on the go

To melt away

Who would have thought that a delicious ice cream could be given away as a promotional item so easily?

Put a smile on everyone's face with this ice powder. 

Simply mix with milk and a dash of cream, place in the freezer for four hours and then enjoy.

Available in chocolate deluxe, vanilla royal and caramel salt flavors

Small tool - big effect!

This is how you easily regulate the lighting conditions for selfies, video calls and much more. A real must-have gadget, not just for technology fans. You can choose between three levels of brightness cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and with just a few button presses you have the ideal_cc781905-93_bb3b-3cf51-93_bb3cf5 Suitable for smartphones, but also for tablets and laptops.

USB-A / USB-C to USB-C / Micro USB / Lightning

Fast charging and data transfer up to 780 MBit/s

Cooler bags can be cool too

Stylish cooler bags are all the rage and are a must for summer

theEgg box EGGS TO GOis perfect for shopping at the market or in the nearest farm shop. It transports up to 6 or 10 eggs safely home and saves a lot of disposable packaging.  

The new KEY TOOL BOB XXL in large format. Each function is larger and particularly "handy" - perfect for the barbecue party or the kitchen in your own four walls. The sympathetic appearance of the extra-large KEY TOOLS is a pleasure to use and is guaranteed to catch the eye of guests, friends and acquaintances. It's that easy for brands to make new friends!

Richartz multitool

- now particularly large

 Beeswax cloths are sustainable, reusable, plastic-free, breathable, antibacterial and keep food fresher for longer. Made in Germany. The ecological alternative to aluminum and cling film. Beeswax wraps made from 100% organic cotton, natural beeswax and pine resin

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