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Creative promotional products

Creative and sustainable promotional articles of all kinds. No matter the marketing campaign you have in mind: We have the right article for you.

Modern online shops

We will put together a comprehensive range of promotional articles for you, which you can sell via a personalised online shop.

Climate-neutral shipping

When it comes to sustainable promotional articles, we're the real experts! We have articles that are over 100% sustainable and even climate-neutral, and plenty of knowledge that we're happy to pass on to you.

Storage management

There is no need for you to worry about storage and shipping, since we'll ensure that this is taken care of for you in a reliable and climate-neutral manner!

We have everything you need!

Before you decide on a promotional article, we can send you a sample free of charge. This allows you to inspect the quality of the article for yourself first!

Echte Nachhaltigkeit - Werbemittelagentur Hagemann
Echte Nachhaltigkeit - Werbemittelagentur Hagemann

Sustainability strategy

Place your trust in us: If you need sustainable promotional articles, we're the best partner to advise you, as we've been resolutely and successfully pursuing a path of sustainability since 2017. Our company's guiding principle "We make the world that little bit better" has been continually built upon each year in a logical and target-oriented fashion.

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My colleagues and I place great importance on maintaining a friendly, helpful and pleasant working atmosphere with you. After all, it's vital to us that you are content with the collaboration and feel that you can trust us 100%. Together with our effective, efficient and professional approach to working, we create the ideal basis for a successful collaboration.

Julia Welter

What benefits do you gain from choosing us?

Our service saves you time and money and reduces the demand for personnel. Rely on our many years of experience, and save you and your employees the effort having to acquire specialist knowledge. We have the required expertise to manage the entire process flow and to guarantee the satisfaction of your customers and employees!

Cost savings

Time savings

Storage management

Savings on personnel



Customers who trust us

  • Structured workshop: Using state-of-the-art moderation technology and your brand values, we analyse your target audience and the possible applications of your selection of promotional articles.

  • Analysis: Taking into account your individual wishes and requirements, we investigate your business environment and analyse your target audience. This way, we develop ideal creative, sustainable and cost-effective ideas for promotional articles that are suitable for your needs.

  • Article matrix: Your perfect visual overview: Which promotional items symbolize which brand values? Which target group is served by the respective article? The article matrix is ideal for carrying out optimizations at any time.

  • Location: We can work together with you in our workshop room with state-of-the-art media, or over a live video call; alternatively, we are even happy to travel to your premises to meet you

The workshop that gives you a creative edge!

You can participate in one of our free workshops. Here, we work together with you to develop a comprehensive concept that is individually tailored to your upcoming project and your target audience.

...can be used for a long time:

A good pen that is pleasant to write with or a practical USB stick. Absolute classics in the world of promotional items should not be underestimated. Because such objects can be used over a long period of time, your target group has constant contact with your advertising message. The following applies: the more practical and high-quality a gift, the longer it will be used.

...can be perfectly adapted to your target group:

Promotional items are unique because they can be assembled in any shape and colour. This makes them perfectly adaptable to any company and customer group. For example, a student will be happy about a modern ballpoint pen that he can use for a long time. Whereas a frequent traveler, professional can be delighted with a thoughtful gift in the form of a neck pillow. No matter which target group you want to address. There is the perfect gift for everyone.

...can communicate company values and strengthen the image:

What do you and your brand stand for? Are you a serious and elegant or rather a young, modern and colorful company? Are you in the IT industry or in the trades? Promotional gifts can be adjusted accordingly. With company colors and logo or function. This enables you to strengthen your branding. If your company is about security, a lock or web cam cover makes a great promotional item.

...are guaranteed to be noticed

Be it billboard advertising or a commercial on TV or radio. It cannot be checked whether your advertising message was noticed. People can become distracted and not listen, or simply overlook visual advertisements. This is where haptic promotional gifts score. They are picked up and guaranteed to be used. If a promotional gift is used, it is certain that your promotional message has been received.

...make people react:

When you receive a gift, you often feel like you want to give something back. Receiving free gifts without giving anything in return creates this feeling. Your customers feel responsible for giving something back to your company and your employees feel valued and comfortable. Either your services are more likely to be used, or ties are strengthened. This in turn increases your sales or the work ethic and loyalty of your employees.


Promotional products fullservice

+ sustainability

That's what we do! - and have been doing for over 40 years

Save time, money and storage place, along with our other 35+ of our fullservice customers.

Save time, money and storage space – along with our other 35+ full service customers.

We are experts in the advertising industry and have been for over 40 years.


Experience creates trust.

Still not convinced?

If necessary, we can arrange a free-of-charge, non-binding 15-minute consultation in which you can ask any questions you like and I can provide detailed answers that are specifically relevant to your company. Alternatively, I can simply tell you more about our services or sustainability-related matters.

Let us tailor the non-binding consultation to your requirements. (Likewise, we also tailor our full service offer to meet your needs!)

Fill out the form, send me an e-mail, or feel free to give me a call!

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