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Creative promotional items

Creative and sustainable promotional items of all kinds. No matter what marketing campaign you have in mind: we have the right thing for you

Promotional full service

We put together a complete range of promotional items for you that you can offer in an individual online shop

Sustainable items

When it comes to sustainable promotional items, we are real experts! We have 100% sustainable and even climate-neutral promotional items and are happy to pass our knowledge on to you.

warehouse management

You don't have to worry about storage and shipping, because we take care of that for you. Our logistics team takes care of the incoming goods inspection, proper storage and an annual inventory._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

We insure your inventory and reliably control post-production.

We have what you need!

Before you decide on a promotional item, we will of course be happy to let you infree patternget. This gives you the opportunity to first find out for yourselfquality of the itemto convince!

Echte Nachhaltigkeit - Werbemittelagentur Hagemann
Echte Nachhaltigkeit - Werbemittelagentur Hagemann

sustainability strategy

Trust us: If you need sustainable promotional items, we can advise you in the best possible way, because we have been pursuing our sustainability path purposefully and successfully since 2017. Our corporate mission statement "We make the world a little better" is consistently and purposefully expanded every year.

Hi I am 

Julia Welter

und bin Ihre ideale Ansprechpartnerin für Werbeartikel!

Lassen Sie mich Ihnen zeigen, warum genau wir für Sie die richtige Wahl sind! Ich führe Sie durch die Präsentation.

Julia Welter

The advertising agencyHageman

Do you have anymore questions?

Then please send them to me personally or contact me by e-mail

How does your cooperation with us look like?

Via video call or telephone

I am available for you at any time

In our showroom

surrounded by more than 1000 promotional items

At your location

with no route for you

How we work together is entirely up to you:
Julia Welter


Mir und meinen Kollegen ist es besonders wichtig, eine freundliche, hilfsbereite und sympathische Arbeitsatmosphäre mit Ihnen zu pflegen. Denn uns liegt es besonders am Herzen, dass Sie sich während der Zusammenarbeit wohlfühlen und uns zu 100% vertrauen können. Zusammen mit unserer effektiven, effizienten und professionellen Arbeitsweise schaffen wir so die ideale Basis für eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit.

Julia Welter

What advantages do you have through us?

Through our servicesave money, time and manpower. You and your employees do not have to laboriously acquire specialist knowledge, but can rely entirely on our many years of experience. We ownthe necessary know-how, to relieve you of the complete process handling and thesatisfaction of your customers and employeesto guarantee!

money saving

time saving

warehouse management

personnel savings



customers who trust us

  • Structured workshop:With the help of the latest moderation technology and your brand values, we analyze your target group and the possible uses of your promotional item selection.

  • Analysis: Taking into account your individual wishes and needs, your business environment will be examined and your target group analyzed. This is how your ideal, creative, sustainable and cost-effective advertising material ideas are created to suit your needs.

  • Article matrix:Your perfect visual overview: Which promotional items symbolize which brand values? Which target group is served by the respective article? The article matrix is ideal for carrying out optimizations at any time.

  • Location:Together with you in our workshop room with modern media, via live video call or at your location

Creative workshop

You can take part in one of our free workshops. Here we develop a holistic concept together with you, that is individually tailored to your upcoming project and your target group.

...can be used for a long time:

A good pen that is pleasant to write with or a practical USB stick. Absolute classics in the world of promotional items should not be underestimated. Because such objects can be used over a long period of time, your target group has constant contact with your advertising message. The following applies: the more practical and high-quality a gift, the longer it will be used.

...can be perfectly adapted to your target group:

Promotional items are unique because they can be assembled in any shape and colour. This makes them perfectly adaptable to any company and customer group. For example, a student will be happy about a modern ballpoint pen that he can use for a long time. Whereas a frequent traveler, professional can be delighted with a thoughtful gift in the form of a neck pillow. No matter which target group you want to address. There is the perfect gift for everyone.

...can communicate company values and strengthen the image:

What do you and your brand stand for? Are you a serious and elegant or rather a young, modern and colorful company? Are you in the IT industry or in the trades? Promotional gifts can be adjusted accordingly. With company colors and logo or function. This enables you to strengthen your branding. If your company is about security, a lock or web cam cover makes a great promotional item.

...are guaranteed to be noticed

Be it billboard advertising or a commercial on TV or radio. It cannot be checked whether your advertising message was noticed. People can become distracted and not listen, or simply overlook visual advertisements. This is where haptic promotional gifts score. They are picked up and guaranteed to be used. If a promotional gift is used, it is certain that your promotional message has been received.

...make people react:

When you receive a gift, you often feel like you want to give something back. Receiving free gifts without giving anything in return creates this feeling. Your customers feel responsible for giving something back to your company and your employees feel valued and comfortable. Either your services are more likely to be used, or ties are strengthened. This in turn increases your sales or the work ethic and loyalty of your employees.


Who doesn't look forward to a high-quality, free gift? If this also has a practical use, the enthusiasm is all the greater.  A practical use is not only tempting for the recipient, but also for you! Because the repeated use of the promotional item means that your advertising message is always present. 

Holding something in your hand that you have never seen before is memorable and impressive. And of course you remember where and who this new article comes from.

People value creativity. Selecting the right promotional item for the right target group is an art in itself. When the recipient receives a particularly creative gift, it creates joy and a sense of appreciation for having received something other than the typical pen.

Well thought-out promotional items arouse emotions in us. A typical sweet from back then, which reminds us of childhood and lets us wallow in nostalgia, fills us with joy and awakens familiar memories.

A perfect promotional item makes the world a little bit better. Sustainable promotional items are the future. Promotional items are not just disposable products! A sustainable promotional item can help you show society and your employees that you are looking to the future and acting responsibly. Not only do you improve your image as a brand, but you are also one of the people who takes the fate of the world into your own hands and ensures a better future. Your marketing campaign goes hand in hand with corporate social responsibility.

Promotional items, Full service & sustainability

That's what we can do! - for over 40 years

SaveTime moneyandstorage place, as well as500+ of our customers.

SaveTime moneyandstorage place, as well as500+ of our customers.

We are Experts |  in the advertising industry and has been for over40 years.


Experience creates trust.

We are promotional products experts:

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