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Creative promotional articles

We develop creative and sustainable promotional articles for you according to your individual purposes, which are sure to impress on account of their creativity, unique character and innovation!


Thanks to an international production network and a selection of more than 1000 different promotional articles, we are able to find the right article to support any of your communication goals.

Just tell us your aims, and we'll put our creative heads together to come up with ideas that are sure to delight you. We're certain that whatever we develop specially for you is bound to leave a lasting positive impression.


Record turf:

Original record turf taken from the pitch of the Allianz Arena in Munich and cast in acrylic. Once the records achieved by FC Bayern Munich in their legendary 2012/2013 season were confirmed, the original pitch of their home ground was removed, with every blade of grass sprayed stiff and ultimately cast in acrylic. In addition, a certificate verifying the authenticity and a list of the records achieved was provided. This exclusive article was limited to a total of 1200 units. Hagemann received the 2014 Promotional Gift Award for this custom-made product.


Webasto wall box:

A backpack in the shape of a wall box was designed as a sales promotion for said wall box. As an additional creative touch, a blue light strip was integrated into the centre of the backpack, resembling a similar feature on the actual wall box that indicates the charging function. An eye-catching article at any trade fair!

Allianz Arena designer lamp

ISPO Award

From the initial idea through to the design, rendering and finally the finished article: This high-quality item has been crafted with the finest workmanship.

UMADUM - designer lamp

The Umadum observation wheel in Munich gave us cause to design a special, high-quality article: An Umadum designer lamp. It's not only the shape of the lamp that's special, but also the lighting effect that it produces: The shadow of the wheel that it casts onto a nearby wall surface is truly captivating, giving the Umadum a much bigger presence in any room.

Bucerius Law School

What kind of product could we create to adequately commemorate this institution's prominent namesake, even after his death in 1995?



Since there is already a bronze bust of Gerd Bucerius on the campus of the Bucerius Law School, and we are developing a range of merchandise for the BLS, we came up with the following idea:

To transform the characteristic head of Gerd Bucerius – who can be seen in a number of pictures – into a haptic article.

ISPO Award

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